HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP  is responsible for the protection of all WorldGate Community Internationalproprieties project from UAV DRONEs. These project is the largest project ever developed in the Caribbean. They consist of over 3,000,000 square feet under roof with a 1000 room luxury five star hotel, convention center, 100,000 square foot casino, full medical center, harbor which is scheduled to handle 4 major cruise ships at a time unloading and loading 16,000 passengers per day, fuel center for ships with the capacity of 600,000,000 gallons per year of fuel oil, slips for over 200 major yachts up to 200 feet major entertainment venue, shops and data center. This project will be a total green energy and wave energy powered project. They also consist of a major LNG STORAGE and RELAY CENTER which HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY will be responsible for protection under contract with LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. 

HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGE GROUP is responsible for protecting this entire project with our UAVs, Drones, underwater Drones UUV and anti-drone technology. We will be protecting the project from the air, land and sea with drones and anti-drones technology.  

This project will require the largest concentration of UAV, UUV, DRONE and ANTI-DRONE technology ever used anywhere in the world. The different types of UAV DRONES to be flown and utilized for various applications will be in the hundreds at various time.  Each UAV DRONE and UUV application will require different sensors, cameras in the  payloads in different combinations. 

HVCC Anti-Drone Technology utilized in our DRONE DEFENSE SERIES will be stationed throughout the entire project to protect from intrusions of bad actors drones carrying explosives and lethal chemical agent.  We will be responsible for protection for bad actors camera taking pictures and videos of their very high profile guest as well as the security from data stealing drone.  (see  Drone Defense Series TAB on this site) HVCC will fly recon flights out to the 12 mile limit for the Grenada territorial waters to provide escort for yachts and ocean going shipping against the new threats from pirates now in the Caribbean.  Our UUV will patrol the marinas, port and harbors on a 24/7/365 bases to detect any underwater intrusion from bad actors or any dangerous conditions detected.

WorldGate Community International  projects are designed to be the safest resort destination ever developed in the Greater Caribbean.  HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP intends to do just that from the UAV DRONE prospective. 

WorldGate Community International