HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP has developed the incredible FOREST FIRE RAPID RESPONSE SYSTEM  to combat what had become a major crisis in the United States, FOREST FIRES. 

The ability to rapidly apply fire retardant on a forest fire within minutes instead of hours is the difference winning the fire war of losing massive and critical ground in the fire war. 

HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP utilizes a combination of UAV DRONES to provide both preventions and rapid response to critical conditions of forest fire.  We focus on two UAVs and DRONEs for this application. Our fixed wing VTOVL (vertical take off vertical landing) UAVs from ALTI the TRANSITION and the new REACH. The TRANSITION  has a flight time of 9 hours and the REACH flight time is an incredible 20 hours. The Transition can carry a payload of up to 15 lbs. the REACH is a larger version which can carry a payload of 26 lbs. Our HD lift Rapid Response Rotary Drones is from AERONAVICS ICON which carries a payload of up to 55lbs. These UAVs and DRONEs are coated with our exclusive protection against fire and treated with TEAM-COAT 101 to protect for the heat of the fire. 

All our inflight UAVs and DRONEs for this operation are monitored 27/7/365, at not only the onsite fire station but also at our HVCC Monitoring Center located in Virginia. The Virginia HVCC Monitoring Center is equipped to activate and release retardants from the Center location if a fire is detected by our UAVs. The HVCC Monitoring Center is capable of also launching our RAPID RESPONS DRONES to apply the retardant on the fire. Our UAVs and DRONEs are capable of night flight and bad weather including high winds. The video of stream from the ALTI is also capability of being streamed to up to 20 other device locations thought our exclusive video interface allowing for on the ground commend and control of tactical resources to be active applied. This can be done on and Android  and iPhone and is totally cloud based and fully encrypted and secured with government level encrypted. Our network is full FIP 140-2 compliant.  


 Our ALTI Transition and Reach ​which can fly continuously for 9 and 20 hours respectively to a fly the predetermined programed flight pattern in search of any indication or observation of a fire or smoke at 100 mile per hour. Our onboard sensors including infrared, heat, smoke and sound, as well as the onboard very high HD and zoom high resolution camera, with visually scan and can scan the area in a 360 degree pattern searching for any indication of fire or smoke. The ALTI flight is monitored at all time by our HVCC Monitoring Center. 

 If an indication of a potential fire event is determined the ALTI Transition or Reach carrying a payload of up to 15 lbs. of chemical retardant FIRE JELL, will immediately descend on the smoke or fire. The ALTI can descend and hover over the smoke or fire  to distribute the retardant in places required from tree top or open areas. The ALTI which is monitoring visually from the HVCC Monitoring Center, also immediately set off the alarms at the main Forest Ranger Station. The HVCC Monitoring Center automatically notifies the ranger station which is set  in motion and activates the standby AERONAVICS ICON at the local Ranger Station and prepare it for take off and the HVCC Monitoring Center programs it for that flight. Our heavy lift DRONES which carries up to 55lbs. of retardant is on its way at close to 100 MPH to the smoke or fire location carrying addition FIRE JELL.

The HVCC Monitoring Center is visually  on-board with the ALTI and AERONAVICS ICON and in control of the aircraft at all times. This allows the ALTI and our various heavy lift DRONEs  to comply with all FFA Line of Sight requirements if required. (not required on Indian Lands) The ALTI stays on station during this operation at all times videoing the effect on target of the retardant. It also stays on station to direct the fire crews to the proper location and will deploy our goTenna Tactical Situational Awareness Off Grid Units for communication to Fire Fighters.

After the deployment of the retardant by the ICON it stays on site to assist in another very important mission, that of ferrying tactical equipment, drinking water and supplies to the HOT SHOTS or other fire fighters, relieving them of the necessary task of carrying the heavy loads up difficult terrain.  The ALTI also stays on station to allow command and control with it video streaming to 20 Android and iPhones through our exclusive video collaboration network. This network is fully encrypted and FIPS 140-2 certified to be on federal and government platforms. This feature allows for on the ground personnel to visual and verbally communicate with each other and command as well as other fire departments in reserves and law enforcement visually and even bring up data and past fire reports and video of fires in the area to analyze conditions and conditions changes. This is combined with our goTenna Pro Network  relay system in the ALTI make a complete on-grid or off-grid safety and communication network for the Fire Teams. 

At the same time our ESRI GIS Software and our DroneDeploy Surveying and Mapping Software which in integrated in our ALTI and HVCC Monitoring Center will begin to develop the graphic and time line of the track of the potential fire. This analysis and modeling can be a critical difference in successfully winning the fire war.

This combined solution is a HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLC. "INTERGRATED SOLUTION SET" which incorporates over seven different companies to develop this incredible Forest Fire Rapid Response System. HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLC. integrates each company specialty and then we developed a single solution that incorporated each technology in to a seamless process. HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLC. then becomes the single point of contact for the "INTERGRATED SOLUTIONS SETS" for the Fire Services.

HVCC AUV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP also supplies the same TEMP-COAT FD-720 retardant for homes in harms way of  forest fires. The application is a simple spray on process which will prevent the house or structure from burning in a forest fire. It can be sprayed on by our Drones in a matter of minutes in front of the fire or as a kit supplied by HVCC Assembly & Logistic Group for the home owner before hand as stored allpication when needed.  Either way it can save you house, barn, or other structure from the ravage of a fast moving forest fire, a TRUE rapid response system. 

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